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NYPTI Outlook Drag Drop (NODD)

NYPTI Outlook Drag Drop is an add-in for Outlook 2013, 2016, and 365 that allows dragging and dropping Outlook items (messages, attachments, contacts, tasks, appointments, meetings, etc) to applications and web browsers (i.e. Chrome, Edge, FireFox) that allow physical files (saved-on-computer) to be dropped into them. Dragging an Outlook item (e.g. attachment) to a browser will temporarily save the file on the computer and remove it once the file has been uploaded.

NYPTI Outlook Drag Drop is open source software based on tonyfederer’s open source GitHub project located at  It has been repackaged by New York Prosecutors Training Institute ( Intern Julien Cheng (R.P.I. – Class of 2020) and is available at