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Practice Tips

Tales From the Trenches

NYPTI Interviews

Court of Appeals Decision Podcasts

NCJA Podcast – New York’s Project Rise With Joseph Popcun, Executive Deputy Commissioner at the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services discussing the state of New York’s new violence reduction initiative Project Rise: Respond, Invest, Sustain and Empower.

DA Mimi Rocha & the Westchester County DA’s Office sharing info on NY’s exapnded gun safety laws, Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs)

Erie County District Attorney John Flynn

Amici Podcast Series

The “Amici” podcast series was created to share information and insight from New York’s judges and the Unified Court System with constituents, stakeholders and anyone else who might have an interest in these topics.

In these brief programs you’ll find:

  • Interviews with judges and other participants in the justice system
  • Commentary on current issues of interest to the bench, bar and public